Hello, I have Fry and Sub Adults for Sale. The fry are OB Marmelade Cat Fuelleborni, Marmelade Cat Trewavsae, OB Macrothelmus. The sub Adults are Marmelate Cat Fuelleborni, Adults are 2 Pairs of 5 Inch Albino Trewavsae 5 inches in size. One Pair of Petrotilapia God Breat Lundo 5 inches in size, One Pair of Petrotilapia Trident Tiger- color is Lavender with Gold in it 5inches. One Petrochromis Red Bulu F1 5 1/2 inchrd in size. Please call me on 347 587 0977 for price and sizes if interested, Thank You, Patrick Lombardo P.S. -I ship via USPS Express or Southwest Cargo.