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Posted by: smcpherson25 May 23 2012, 04:54 PM

I currently have a empty aquarium that i am going to be setting up for a some Tangs. Allready have everything i need accept the sand, well and of course fish :D
Im going to be getting 6 Alto. Calvus, 6 Neolamp. Caudopunctatus and 8-10 Cyp. Leptosoma (non-jumbo). I dont want to get them at the same time because it will be to much of a bio-load. My question is which group would you consider to be the most hardy that i should use to help cycle the tank? or would you suggest just doing a fish-less cycle? Thanks for the help.

Posted by: Crowned May 23 2012, 08:54 PM

I'd either do fish-less, or go with a group of fish you can take back for credit. Rainbow fish and zebra danios are a couple of popular choices.

Posted by: BioG Sep 7 2015, 10:56 PM

+1 to a fishless cycle. Don't use fish of any kind as they will likely bring some nasties into your tank with them. I've always used seachem balance with great success but if you are patient, unlike me, then just put a cup or glass with a bunch of fish food in it into the tank and wait.

I'm not promising anything but in 20 years in the hobby I have never had "bio Load" problems. I'm sure it would happen if you went crazy and added waymore fish than the tank could handle but I have added a dozen or so juvies many times with no problems.

After you are cycled, adding the calvus and caudos at once wouldn't be a problem imo. Cyps are the least hardy of the three you mentioned.

Don't cycle without your sand in the tank. We always picture our good bacteria congregating in our filters, and it does, but the majority of the good stuff lives in the sand ;)
for example, you can change out a filter with little effect but take cycled sand out and you will have problems evtime.

also, don't buy wet sand, it's a joke. The bacteria you want needs oxygen and nutrients to propogate and so a sealed bag of wet sand is just prerinsed

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