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> NewFish In-LittleAfricaAquatics-2/28/10!
post Mar 1 2010, 12:57 AM
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  Site Owner and Sponser
Joined: 26-March 09
From: Louisville, Ky
Posts: 55

Current Fish List For Littleafricaaquatics@hotmail.com: 2/29/10-Discounts are available!

F1 Tropheus moorii Ilangi Yellow "Nkamba Bay" 1-1.5"=$18.00/fish.-The real deal, already showing amazing color! (50)
F1 Tropheus moorii Muzi "Cherry Rainbow" 1-1.5"=$16.00/fish.-RARE, beatiful troph! (28)
F1 Tropheus moorii murago "Green" 1.5"=$15.00/fish.-Will get great dotted faces! (30)
F1 Tropheus sp. Red Ndole Bay "Fluorescent" 1.5+"=$15.00/fish.-You want a red troph this is the one, glowing color, amazing starnd! (26)
F1 Tropheus brichardi Kabimba "Canary Cheek" 1.5-2"=$15.00/fish.-Beatiful troph! (12)
F1 Tropheus brichardi Mtoto "Yellow Head" 1.5-2"=$15.00/fish.-NEW, WOW, hot troph, adults get chocolate bodies and bright yellow heads that flash on and off! (15)
F1 Tropheus sp. Black Kiriza 1-1.5"=$15.00/fish.-Already showing rich yellows! (21)
F1 Tropheus sp. Black Pemba "Orange Flame" 1-1.5"=$15.00/fish.-Great color! (16)
F1 Tropheus moorii "Purple" lufubu 1.5-2"=$15.00/fish.-Awesome troph, already showing nice color! (32)
F1 Tropheus duboisi Masawa 1-1.5"=$12.00/fish.-Great strand, beatiful color! (8)
F1 Tropheus moorii Kasanga Red Rainbow 1-1.5+"=$16.00/fish.-The highest quality! (42)
F1 Tropheus sp. Red Lupota "Cut Throat Troph" 1.5-2"=$15.00/fish.-Great reds! (6)
F1 Tropheus brichardi Ulwile 2.5-3"=$15.00/fish.-Big, breeding, great color! (30)
F1 Tropheus moorii "Golden" Kazumba 1.5-2"=$15.00/fish.-Great color! (14)
F1 Tropheus duboisi Kigoma 1-1.5"=$12.50/fish.-Beatiful troph! (9)
F1 Tropheus moorii Kasakalawe "Mpulungu", The Pineapple Troph 1"=$15.00/fish.-The highest quality from my breeders! (50) (Available @ 3/4" for $10.00/fish)
Wild Tropheus moorii Ilangi Yellow "Nkamba Bay" 3.5-4"=$48.00/fish.-The real deal! (43) (Male)
Wild Tropheus moorii Kasanga "Red Rainbow" 3-4+"=$28.50/fish.-Hot, some of the nicest I have got in awhile, yellow sides, blood red dorsals with a tinge of blue! (50)
Wild Tropheus moorii "Orange" Kachese 3-4"=$28.00/fish.-Amazing color! (12) (4M 8F)
Wild Tropheus moorii Kasakalawe "Mpulungu", The Pineapple Troph 2.5-3"=$26.00/fish.-Amazing color, one of the coolest trophs, great ratio available! (24) (5M 19F)
Wild Tropheus moorii Kasakalawe "Mpulungu", The Pineapple Troph 3.5-4"=$32.50/fish.-My breeding group, hand picked, in their prime, produce big numbers, absolutely beatiful! (22)
Wild Tropheus moorii Muzi "Cherry Rainbow" 3-4"=$30.00/fish.-Wow, super nice color, knockouts, one of the nicest trophs that came in this time! (15)
Wild Tropheus moorii Chaitika Blue Rainbow 2.5-4"=$28.00/fish.-Beatiful color! (12)
F1 Tropheus sp. Ikola 1.5-2+""=$15.00/fish.-Some already banded, beatiful, from my breeders! (20)
Wild L200 "The Green Phantom" pleco 3"=$38.00/fish.-Hot, beatiful pleco, green, yellow dots, one of my favorites! (3)
F1 L190 "The Royal Pleco" 1.5"=$20.00/fish.-Really cool pleco, looks great at this size! (9)
F1 Simochromis diagramma "Isanga" 3-3.5+"=$22.50/fish.-Breeders, males showing great color, beatiful red dorsals, breeding machines! (8)
F1 Petrochromis sp. Red "Bulu Point"-RARE, the real deal, amazing solid red males with dark blue-black mask, one of the rarest fish in the lake! (Working group in progress)
Wild Petrochromis famula "Nyanza Lac" 3.5-4"=$36.00/fish.-Breeding group, amazing blue tails and orange fins, beatiful, breeding like mad! (19)
Wild Petrochromis ephippium "Saddleback" Zambia 4"=$35.00/fish.-Really cool! (5)
Wild Petrochromis sp. longola 4-6+"=$85.00/fish.-Hot, blue males, great color! (3)
Wild Petrochromis sp. longola 6-10"=$90.00/fish.-Breeding group, amazing blue show males with bright red fins! (12)
F1 Petrochromis sp. longola, amazing petro, parents, males are amazing blue! (Working Group in Progress)
Wild Petrochromis sp. Moshi "Orange" 8-9"=$90.00/fish.-Show quality, monster males, amazing color, real specimens here, amazing! (3) (males)
Wild Petrochromis sp. Moshi "Orange" 4-7"=$80.00/fish.-Hot petro.! (16)
Wild Petrochromis macrognathus "Rainbow Kipili" 5-7"=$50.00/fish.-Super nice! (5) (2M 3F)
Wild Petrochromis sp. Orthognathus "Ikola" 4"=$75.00/fish.-Rare petro., Nice! (6)
Wild Petrochromis kasumbe Orange 4-6"=$75.00/fish.-Wow, orange splotched beatiues, super nice! (13)
F1 Petrochromis trewavasae 2"=$18.00/fish.-Really beatiful markings! (12)
F1 Petrochromis ephippium "Saddleback" Kambwimba 1-1.5"=$16.00/fish.-Super hot petro! (9)
F1 Lamprichthys tanganicanus 3-3.5"=$45.00/fish.-RARE, beatiful fins, great color, tank raised and super healthy, breeding like crazy! (18)
Wild Syn. petricola 3.5-4"=$38.00/fish.-Great cat, nice size! (8)
Wild Triglachromis otostigma 2.5-3+"=$60.00/Pair.-The mud dweller, amazing Tang.! (30)
Wild Julidochromis transcriptus "Kissi" 2.5-3"=$55.00/Pair.-Nice pattern, good color! (12)
F1 Enant. melanogenys Ndole 2-3.5"=$18.00/fish.-Amazing sand sifter! (14)
Wild Lamp. brichardi Kamakonde Congo "Pink/Yellow" 2.5-3"=$55.00/Pair.-NEW, looks like a mustax and a helianthus combo, really nice colored body, new from the Congo! (10)
Wild Eret. cyan. Mpimbwe "Orange" 2.5-3.5"=$60.00/Pair.-Amazing color, great, rare goby! (2) (Females)
Wild Eret. cyan. Kigoma "Orange" 3-3.5"=$60.00/Pair.-Beatiful color! (35)
F1 Eret. cyan. Kigoma "Orange" 1.5-2"=$18.00/fish.-Nice size, great color! (15)
Wild Mastacembelus elipsifer "Tang. eel" 6-8"=$45.00/fish.-A must have for Tang. lovers, huge and thick, impressive, beatiful pattern! (11)
Wild Lamp. callipterus Kipili 2-2.5"=$22.00/fish.-Wicked cool shellie! (10)
F1 Cyprichromis microlepidotus "Bulu Point" 1.5-2"=$15.00/fish.-Super cyp, nice size! (3)
F1 Cyprichromis leptosoma Jumbo "Tri-color" Chaitika 1-1.5+"=$12.50/fish.-Great cyp! (16)
Wild Alto. "Redfin" comp. 2.5-3"=$84.00/Pair.-Great color! (12)
F1 Neolamp. sexfasciatus "Gold" 2.5-3"=$16.00/fish.-Great gold color, nice size, young adults! (20)
F1 Cyath. foai Sibwesa 1.5+"=$18.00/fish.-Great foai! (3)
F1 Cyath. foai Chizanse 2.5"=$21.00/fish.-Big, beatiful foai! (7)
F1 Neolamp. buescheri Kachese 1"=$15.00/fish.-Amazing buescheri, beatiful! (9)
F1 Lamp. "Gold" occelatus 1"=$12.50/fish.-A amazing strand, line breed! (22)
F1 Lamp. Isanga "Blue" occelatus 1"=$10.00/fish.-Showing nice blue sides already! (8)
F1 Lamp. brevis Kitumba "Orange Belly" 1.5-2"=$10.00/fish.-Breeding size, NEW! (17)
F1 Ectodus descampsi "Zambian" 1.5"=$15.00/fish.-One of my fav Tangs., great eyeball in dorsal! (21)
Wild Benthochromis tricoti 4.5-6+"=$75.00/fish.-Some awesome males already showing full color, great blues and yellows! (12)
Wild Gnathochromis perimaxillaris 4-6"=$200.00/Pair.-Might keep these, amazing! (2)
Wild Lamp. caudopuncatus Zambia 2.5-3"=$60.00/Pair.-Dont see these guys wild much, beatiful Tang., nice orange dorsals! (2) (females)
Wild Neolamprologus sp. cygnus 3.5"=$20.00/fish.-Female! (1)
Wild Neolamprologus mustax "Orange Milambo" 3-4"=$125.00/Group.-Breeding group (1M 3F), really nice, great color! (4)
Wild Ctenochromis horei Zambia 3-3.5"=$45.00/fish.-So cool, amazing looking, just in and already breeding, just pulled a ton of fry, males have amazing mask and color! (3)
F1 Ctenochromis horei Zambia 1"=$15.00/fish.-Freakin beatiful, cool Tang.! (45)
Wild Xeno. sp. "papilio sunflower" Isanga 2-2.5"=$58.00/fish.-Wow, rare Xeno., great color! (5)
F1 Xeno. flavipinnis Gombi "Yellow Fin" 1.5+"=$12.75/fish.-Beatiful yellows already! (14)
F1 Xeno. sima "Ilangi Yellow" 1.5+"=$10.75/fish.-Very nice Xeno! (21)
Wild Cyprichromis pavo Chaitika 4-5"=$32.00/fish.-Amazing breeders, amazing color! (6)
F1 Lamp. speciosus "Black ocellatus" 1-1.5"=$12.00/fish.-Rare, nice size, beatiful! (20)
F1 Lamp. stappersii "Meleagris" 1"=$10.00/fish.-Super cool shellie! (3)
F1 Neolamp. helianthus Yellow 1.5+"=$10.00/fish.-Amazing yellow! (6)
F1 Alto. "Inkfin" calvus 1-1.5"=$10.00/fish.-Absolutely beatiful, the real deal! (42)
F1 Alto. Malasa comp. "Goldhead" 1"=$10.00/fish.-Super comp! (14)
F1 Juldochromis regani "Kipili" 1.5-2"=$10.00/fish.-Great color, good size! (22)
F1 Julidochromis transcriptus "gombi" 1-1.5"=$8.00/fish.-Great color, nice strand! (14)
F1 Julidochromis transcriptus "Bemba" 1.5+"=$8.75/fish.-Nice, great color/pattern! (16)
Wild Eretmodus "Blue Spot" Zambian 2.5-3.5"=$55.00/Pair.-Blue dots pop off the body, breeding like crazy! (3)
F1 Eretmodus "Blue Spot" Zambian 1"=$15.00/fish.-Already showing those nice blue dots! (9)
Wild Syn. multipunctatus 3-3.5+"=$24.00/fish.-Beatiful cat! (5)
F1 Lamp. caudopunctatus Kapampa 1.5-2"=$15.00/fish.-Amazing red fins, beatiful! (24)
F1 Lamp. multifasciatus Mbita 1-2"=$8.00/fish.-Super cool shellie! (16)
F1 Julidochromis regani 2+"=$10.00/fish.-Nice color, good size! (6)
Wild Neolamprologus buescheri Kamakonde "Zaire Gold" 3.5"=$55.00/fish.-RARE, amazing yellow throughout beatiful patterned body! (1) (Male)
Wild Neolamprologus buescheri Kachese 2.5-3"=$90.00/Pair.-Great color, cool tang.! (3)
F1 Neolamp. cylindricus 2.5-3.5"=$15.00/fish.-Super cool Tang.! (8)
F1 Cyprichromis leptosoma Jumbo Kitumba 3+"=$35.00/fish.-Amazing colored up males, good size females, breeding! (6)
F1 Lepidiolamprologus boulengeri 1.5-2"=$12.50/fish.-Really cool shelldweller! (5)
Wild Cyprichromis leptosoma Jumbo Karilani Island 3.5-4"=$34.00/fish.-Great color, breeding like mad, 3 holding right now! (10)
F1 Cyprichromis leptosoma Jumbo Karilani Isalnd (Growing)=$8.00/fish.-Very Nice Cyp.! (9)
F1 Alto. Isanga comp. 1.5"=$18.00/fish.-Blood red fins, father won 1st at ACA! (6)
Wild Cyph. gibberosa Kapampa Congo 4-6"=$155.00/fish.-Getting hard to come by, amazing blues, breeding size! (4) (1M 3F)
Wild Cyph. gibberosa Mikula Congo 4-5"=$125.00/fish.-Great blues, new Congo front! (12)
Wild Cyph. gibberosa Moba Congo Blue 6-8+"=$1100.00/Breeding Group.-Amazing color, breeding regularly, great size, just pulled 50 from one today-1/13, (2M 5)! (7)
Wild Cyph. gibberosa Moba Congo Blue 4-5"=$135.00/fish.-Amazing blue, beatiful! (9)
Wild Cyprichromis Leptosoma Jumo "Blue Orchid" 3-4"=$32.00/fish.-RARE!!!, Great blue and yellows! (2) (Pair)
F1 Xeno. flavipinnis "Crocodile Bay" 1.5"=$12.50/fish.-Showing great color in the dorsal! (3)
Wild Eret. cyan. Makobala "Blue Throat" 2.5-3.5"=$50.00/Pair.-Cool goby, nice color! (3) (Females)
Wild Ohtph. nasutus "Kipili Gold" 3.5-5"=$30.00/fish.-Amazing gold color! (4) (Males)
Wild Lepidiolamp. hecqui Mbita 2-2.5"=$55.00/Pair.-RARE!!!, Amazing camo bodies,
beatiful, not collected hardley anymore, super nice shellie! (4)
F1 Lepidiolamp. hecqui Mbita 1+"=$10.00/fish.-Great shellie! (11)
Wild Lamp. ornatipinnis 1.5-3+"=$30.00/Pair.-Cool shellie, some monsters in there! (3)
Wild Lepidiolamprologus "Nkambe" 4-6+"=$65.00/fish.-RARE!!!, A Wicked-beatiful fish! (6)
Wild Lepidiolamprologus lamairi 4-5"=$90.00/Pair.-RARE!!!, Amazing looking fish, ambush hunter! (8)
Wild Alto. Black "Zambian" calvus 2.5-4.5"=$100.00/Pair.-Beatiful, perfect, some huge males! (2)
Wild Lamp. similis 1.25"=$22.00/fish.-RARE!!!, So cool, rarely collected, nice thick lines! (24)
Wild Alto. Chaitika White calvus 3-5"=$90.00/Pair.-Amazing color, perfect! (4)
Wild Alto. Tanzania "Goldhead" comp. 2.5-3.5"=$90.00/Pair.-Beatiful gold mask! (15)
F1 Champsochromis caeruleus "The Trout Cichlid" 3.5-6"=$24.00/fish.-One of the nicest Malawians there is, a true beauty! (6)
Aul. stuart. "Sunshine Peacock" 3.5-4"=$75.00/Pair.-Amazing color, bright yellow! (3)
Wild Aul. sp. Red Top Lwanda "Hai Reef" 3-3.5"=$78.00/Pair.-Glowing color! (3)
Albino Paracyprichromis nigripinnis "Blue Neon" 3-4+"=$165.00/Trio.-Breeding, show, rare, amazing big males with awesome trailers! (3) (Trio)
F1 Neolamp. leleupi "Orange" 2-3"=$15.00/fish.-Bright orange, very nice, no brown! (21)
F1 Neolamp. leleupi 2-3+"=$15.00/fish.-Burning color, perfect, no brown, clean! (10)
F1 Cyph. gibberosa Moba Congo 1"=$35.00/fish.-The nicest I have ever seen, and yes I have a video of my Alpha male carrying 2 different clutches at the same time, these are special fish and the deepest blues! (22) (Available also now discounted to $25.00/fish @ 3/4+" (0) )

*Hopefully website will be done by the end of the month-LittleAfricaAquatics.Com

Dont see what your looking for, just ask, I will find it.
Also food available soon for Trophs.

Texas Holey Rock=$2.50/Pound, $2.00/pound on orders over 100 lbs.-Pick Up or air cargo.

Most fish are available in pairs or trios, I have pics of all actual fish upon request, just email me with any questions, littleafricaaquatics@hotmail.com, Greg. thumbsup.gif

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